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Public Speaking

Book Coach K to speak at your next event to discover your calling and unlock your potential personally and professionally.


Take your career or your company to the next level with expert leadership development and motivational speaking from Andre’.

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Andre’ is a highly sought after public speaker with expertise in leadership, generational transformation, and personal and professional development. He trains audiences in topics like servant leadership, building meaningful relationships, and creating a culture people will buy into.

Highly sought after motivational speaker.

TEDx speaker.

International speaker on topics like leadership and career development.

Goal Setting

Learn strategies for setting goals to help you unlock your potential. Regular people don’t get a black belt.

Cultivate Relationships

You have to be able to read people. Understand how to cultivate meaningful relationships because this is a skill you can’t afford not to develop.

Growth Mindset

Learn how to develop a game plan for when things get tough and employ strategies to help you meet setbacks with a mindset to grow.

Career Development

Develop the career skills necessary to reach your fullest potential and foster a growth-oriented company culture.

What Is Motivational Speaking? Is It For Me?

Motivational speaking is designed to inspire and equip you with the resources to help you achieve your goals. From topics like personal development to servant leadership, Coach K helps you forge the path to your fullest potential. Motivational speaking is for anyone! No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll walk away from one of Coach K’s talks inspired and ready to apply what you learned. Coach K works with universities, churches, and organizations as they look to grow in leadership and culture.

Who is Coach Kennebrew?

Coach K is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. He travels the country and the world speaking to audiences about their personal and professional callings as well as how companies, nonprofits, and churches can foster cultures of growth, respect, and generosity. 

What topics does Coach K speak on?

Coach K speaks on a wide range of topics like: personal and professional development, servant leadership, attracting and developing top talent, generational transformation, leading with care, and setting and achieving your goals.

Where has Coach K spoken?

Kennebrew has spoken to audiences across the world from universities to businesses, nonprofits, and churches. Check out his TEDxTalk at Point University or his talk at Coahoma Community College.

About Coach K

Coach K is passionate about developing potential through motivational speaking. With a background in corporate leadership development, ministry, and public speaking he brings unique insights and experience to each of his talks.

“Be Authentically Delightful.”

-Coach Kennebrew

Hear What People Have To Say

“Coach K helped me gain clarity and wisdom. He’d say, “If I was in your shoes, I would do a couple of things – reach out to a couple of people on that team, the direct supervisor, the leader of that team…” He really helped give me actions to take to help discover what the best option would be.”

Dustin B

“I’ve grown so much in the last few years, and it’s been because of the advice and understanding that I have received from Andre’. He’s just a growth magnet.”

Trayce T

“He is really good at seeing the potential inside of you.”

Erin H

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Society is expected to follow rules and regulations every single day. Andre’ Kennebrew explains why some rules are worth breaking for necessary growth.

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Coach Kennebrew at Coahoma Community College

Kennebrew talked on the interpersonal skills it takes to lead a successful life.

Meet The Challenge. Work The Plan. Reach Your Potential.

Book Andre’ to speak at your next event. As a highly sought after motivational speaker and thought leader, you’ll find yourself on the path to personal and professional success in no time after experiencing Coach K speak! From cultivating authentic relationships to leadership development with companies or churches, Coach K can help you unlock your potential.

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